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You have made some intelligent investments in Shares of Listed Companies for speculative gains and future plans.

Sometimes you may require some funds to meet out some unplanned expenses. This “Loan Against Listed Shares” would be the quickest, hassle-free, totally independent resource to meet such events.


Family events, pleasure trips, gap-funding the delayed revenues, new business plans, contingency plans are the points of time when you easily and confidently resort to “Loan Against Listed Shares”.

Promoter Shares

You may have development plans for your business. You may plan to procure new machinery or equipment. You may have to support your distribution network for a short gap. Many contingencies in business are usual. You own Promoter Share of your Listed Company would be the quickest and independent support to you through this “Loan Against Listed Shares”.


Pledge of the Demat Shares against which is loan is sanctioned.