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Product Overview


Loan against property is offered by banks/Financial institutions against residential/commercial properties which are freehold. These loans help you to (to remove) avail finance faster with easy documentation, in times of urgent requirement.

LAPs are, therefore, one of the most sought-after loans in India and are even more affordable today on account of the competition in the loans-disbursal market. Not just affordable, LAP are also very easy (or simple) to avail and repay. This is so because real-estate is mortgaged when you avail LAP and real-estate prices rarely dip which makes them much more safer.


  • Loan is granted on residential/ commercial property

  • Take-over of existing loan is possible.

  • Margin of 40% is maintained against residential property and 50% against commercial property.

  • The loan is granted for a maximum period of 15 years

  • The property is secured as a mortgage with the bank financing the loan

  • The loan attracts a processing fee, which is a certain % of the sanctioned amount.

  • There are also prepayment charges in case the loan is repaid before the stipulated tenor.

  • The EMI recovered month on month is apportioned to the interest and then to the principal.

  • Loans are granted to resident Indians

  • The applicant's age should be minimum 21 years

  • Any self employed professionals/businessmen, Individuals, can apply.

  • Income proof to be submitted, to prove repayment capacity

  • Credit history should not show any adverse remarks like suit filed/ write-off etc on both loans and cards.

  • Minimum of three years in business, with atleast 2 years in same line of business is necessary.

  • The business should be in profits and this determines your loan amount eligibility.

  • Application form duly signed with photograph

  • Identity, age, and address proof

  • Bank statement for the last 6 months

  • Processing fee cheque

  • Proof of business continuation

  • Company profile

  • Proof of qualification and business existence proof

  • Last 3 years IT returns with computation of tax

  • Last 3 years CA certified, audited financials (Balance-sheet & P&L)

  • Post sanction documentation by the bank/FI